We believe in the power of the arts as a tool to facilitate new conversations that lead to social impact. We also believe that within every little girl and women, is a powerful force filled with good instincts and passionate creativity. The journey of empowerment begins, when women and girls understand and fall in love with who they are. One powerful way that they can start the journey of empowerment, is by embracing their natural hair because hair plays an integral part to the identity of women and girls.
Ordinary women who were hungry for authentic dialogue on what it means to embrace yourself inspired the creation of the Johannesburg Natural Hair Expo. There is a growing need for true representation of African beauty.
Our mission is to provide a platform for celebration, empowerment, interaction and dialogue. Our aim is to give an opportunity to the incredible South African and African, women and men entrepreneurs who producing amazing natural hair care products in the continent. This movement event, which is set to grow to be the biggest Natural Hair Events in the continent. The event is organised by 5 dynamic young African, women professionals, who are passionate about empowering women and girls, African Heritage and excellence.


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